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Vrudha Mitra Project

Vrudha Mitra Project

Introduction :

Project Concept
This project aims at offering comprehensive support to elderlies for their medical psychological, social needs, and creating public awareness for the rights of elder lies and moral responsibility of society to offer them respectful life.

Implementation Mechanism

Through the community based mechanism by devoted co ordinaters and community workers 4200 elderlies from Bhavani Peth & Shivajinager in Pune slums are registered. We identity their medical, psychological , social and security schemes needs and answer them either by giving direct services or by referral to other appropriate organization.


Lot of challenges are faces in communities because of poverty , Lack of saving, No pension negligence by family, physical mental and nutritional problems, lack of modality because of age and medical conditions.

To answer all the problems a systematic community based mechanism is prepared which is implemented by well trained community workers.

The action plan includes systematic home visit to understand medical & social needs of elderlies.

There is basic home health check up including BP, Sugar, with Eye check up.

Then there are virtual OPDs by Doctors, Telecousultation and accordingly referrals to various organizations, Health Check up Camps, physiotherapy in communities. All the guidance is given for clearing the documentation for social security schemes, essential supplies like medicines, sticks, walkers, wheel chairs, diapers to the needy elderlies. There is more focus on vulnerable elderlies who are staying alone have medical problems & financially deprived.

Along with helping the needy elderlies for their various needs the awareness campaigns for preserving the rights of elderlies and avail them respectful treatment is enhanced by various actions.


Our Final Goal

Thus the programme helps the elderlies to lead positive, happy life and respect from the community .To bring the smile on the wrinkled faces of the elderlies is the dream of our team.



For the various challenges in this project lot of help by means of financial support , participating the various services and advocacy for their rights to lead a meaningful life is needed.

At Snehdeep this project is Lead by capable guidance by Dr. Prakash Bhandari and Valuable support form organization SCHOOL.


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Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


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