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    Our organization started on very small scale in Kashewadi slum in Bhavanipeth area with a charitable clinic and three balwadis and gradually increased over the years in several communities covering more than 2 lakh populations. Snehdeep has implemented projects on health and nutrition, combating malnutrition (CoMAL), immunization among 0- 5 age children, spreading awareness on contraceptives, prevention, early detection, and treatment of tuberculosis, awareness and detection of HIV/AIDS and referring them for therapeutic and counselling services, awareness and counselling on mental health, family development program etc.

     In the field of education Snehdeep has run projects like balwadis, creche, reading class in corporation schools, coaching class for school going children, program for school drop out, educational sponsorship programs, child club, adolescent development and value addition classes etc. The organization has been successful to getting its sponsored children together and forming an enthusiastic voluntary group of dynamic youth. Snehdeep Jankalyan Foundation (SJF) has very dedicated and enthusiastic team of teachers, social workers, Doctors. We believe in the strength of our team and efforts are made for capacity buildings through different trainings and workshops

Our History

Snehdeep started as a small organization in 1986 initially having only the charitable OPD. Then as it was observed that prevalence of TB is high & if head of family is affected, whole family gets collapse, so TB control project was started. As a preventative measure for good health immunization programme, under 5 clinics, ANC & PNC care, family planning activities were started. Team of health volunteers was trained. Along with health, educational needs were also identified. So have a strong base preprimary education activities with 40 balwadis were started, for primary classes, coaching classes started. Special classes for Drop outs and Adult literacy classes also started. To answer the needs of community Income Generation Project was started. For families with problems – Family Development Project was started to make them self sufficient. Foreign, Indian funding agencies came forward to support the programme. Sponsorship Programme for school & college children started which gave fantastic outcome by the same beneficiaries after getting order started acting as volunteers that how the small sapling grew into the tree.

Broad Social Outcome

Over the last 36 years trying to bring the changes at community level there in a feeling of satisfaction that there is a positive transformation at many levels because of continuous efforts.


       The health awareness has increased percentage of immunization has significantly increased. The views towards family planning are changed. The incidence of multiple pregnancies for the want of male child has reduced. Maternal and infant mortality rate is reduced significantly. The sanitation and housing condition has impressed. But at the same time population density is increased.


        In education the dropout rate is decreased. The trend of opting higher education has increased. More and more youths are getting well qualified. Overall the community shows positive changes in terms of Health/ Education/ Social awareness. We are aware all the changes are effect of many factors, but we are proud that Snehdeep has its own little share in this process. May be a small lamp but it is trying to bring light in the darkness of lives of the deprived sector of community. 

Geographical Presence

  • Presently  Urban Slum In Pune

  • Future plan in Rural areas around Khanapur

  • Registered NGO 1986

Area Of Expertise

  • Planning and implementing at field level of all type of Health projects.

  • Implementation of educational projects – Training of teachers, Preparation of various type of educational aids and teaching to students.

  • Planning and executing child development activities.

  • Developing rapport planning development activities for youth and motivating them for social participation.

  • Coordinating with funding agencies and meeting all type of  reports, activities, MIS reports with analysis and accurate financial reports.

  • Project planning, Micro level implementation developing human resources and creating healthy work friendly atmosphere.

Thematic Area

Health, Education, child & Youth development, Deprived mothers Assistance,   Community development, Geriatric care

  •  Health: Currently Malnourishment Combact projects.

Earlier- General OPD/ TB Control Project/Under five clinic/RINE community health projects by   health volunteers. ANC & PNC care (Sure Start Project)

  • Education: Currently: Reading enhances project/ Preprimary – Teachers skill development project/ Primary – PMC School students study classes.

Earlier:  Balwadis, Dropout classes, Balwadi Teachers Training

  • Child Development: sponsorship to needy children. Weekly activities of personality development. Value addition classes in community development.

  • Youth development:  Sponsorship to needy students, Career guidance, Workshop for personal & social development. Future plan for structured Youth development

  • Community Development: Awareness programmers , Community development by family development.

  • Geriatric Care: Presently associated with old age home of sister organization for Medico- Social Projects.

Passion to develop in Geriatric care in all aspects.

Our Founder

Dr. Prakash Bhandari

Snehdeep Jankalyan Foundation.....A Lamp Of Love lightened ..for bringing the Ray Of Hope in the lives of the deprived community...In 1986 ..a young doctor...Dr. Prakash Bhandari.. motivated by the griefs of the community... poverty... unhygienic conditions ... illiteracy...founded the social organization. He comes from a simple farmer's family in a village...The moral values cultivated by his parents had a deep impression on his mind and to devote to social activities became his mission. He strived hard to answer the various needs of the community . ..Various programs in the field of Education, Medical. Community development has been successfully implemented under his capable guidance. The success of the program was only because of the dedication of the team and the participation of the community...This grassroots-level selfless work was recognized everywhere. Now Snehdeep is recognised as a pioneer NGO. Renounced companies like Tata Motors..Yardi Software ..Amazon ..Azim Premji .., and Give India have appreciated the quality of project implementation and extended a helping hand...Even foreign organizations like CFPE Inter Aide have also been impressed by the devoted work and support of the program. The devoted staff is always ready to respond to the various needs in the community through the motivating energy of the Director Dr Prakash Bhandari... 
Our dream is to give quality education to children .guidance and support to the inspiring youth... Moral support to widows and single mothers. Value addition to the PMC school education.. n answering the health needs of Malnourished Children. Medical and moral support to thousands of elderlies...
Pray to God to bless us with energy to answer the needs of brothers and sisters of deprived communities...

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