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Sponsorship Project

Sponsorship Project

Introduction :

Snehdeep Jankalyan Foundation has been working in slum communities in Pune from 1986. It was observed that poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness of basic health, hygiene and nutrition issues contributed to a poor quality of life. To address these problems and to build the capacity of the community, Snehdeep has been conducting several projects. Sponsorship Project started from 1990 with community poor and needy children. It was observed that many children were not able to pursue education. As the parents were not able to afford the fees. In some cases the scholastic performance of the students was poor because of the inability to pay for extra coaching classes. To fill this gap in the educational process, the Sponsorship project was started with the objective of providing assistance and support to needy and deserving children to continue their education. Most of the beneficiaries are widows, single parents and needy family children.


The objectives of the sponsorship programme:

  • To provide financial assistance to deserving and needy students to pursue their education.

  • To motivate for vocational training and to provide educational help.

  • To guide them for improvement in scholastic performance.

  • To motivate parents to support children education.

  • To create their awareness in hygiene and general cleanliness.

  • To give specific medical assistance.

  • To give personal attention not only to the children but also to the families.

  • To develop their personality.

Support to promote the education:

For education of every child in the slum Snehdeep always promote to have a participation of parents. Through family awareness meetings Snehdeep puts an extra effort and motivates parents towards responsibility of parents. Once families are convinced they pay the school/college tuition fees for children Snehdeep provides helping hand to make sure children gets the quality education and support these children education.

Selection Methodology:

Identification is done through reference from intra project.  (Bases on Economic condition of children’s family, parent’s motivation towards children’s education.)

  • Interview with parent and children.

  • Home visit

  • School visit

  • Final selection with Snehdeep authority member

Working Area:

The children for the Sponsorship are selected from the following locations:

  1. Kasewadi

  2. Lohiya Nagar

  3. Ganj Peth

  4. Janwadi

Now Snehdeeep implementing this project with 150 Beneficiaries.

  • Educational activities/School stationary & educational material and financial help for classes, school and courses

  • Coaching classes/vocational & Technical courses/ competitive examination

  • career guidance/ documents/ admission procedure

  • Health facilities/ medical and sanitization

  • Nutrition help

  • Home visits

  • Child &  family counseling/family development

  • Referred to other NGO and government facilities

  • Activities ( skill development, value addition activities with children)

  • Personality development

  • Cultural programme/ competitions/ festivals celebration.

  • Picnic and exposure visit

  • Parents meeting and awareness programme


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Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


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