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Snehprerana Volunteers Project

Snehprerana Volunteers Project

Introduction :

“Sneh-Prerana” children value addition centers through volunteers
Sneh-Prerana is a group of youth, who are voluntary conducting value addition centers in the various communities. These youth are the past beneficiaries of the Snehdeep sponsorship Programme. Snehdeep has helped them financially and morally in their educational period who overcome their adverse situations with this help. They are successfully completing their career. At the same time as a token of gratitude they are returning what they have received by offering their services.

About Volunteers:

Snehdeep have developed good rapport with children & parents. They are very open to share their personal & family problems. Senior students help in all workshops as volunteers. Students have developed very good relationship among themselves. They share their experience younger students get benefit from elder student’s experience. We have started student’s social participation in our projects. Students are voluntarily participating in summer & Diwali workshop and helping younger children in this workshop and participating other projects. Some elder clever students gave study skill guidance and motivating 10th std students. The information about documents required for admission is given to parents. They have already started collecting the document. Resource person always admire students behavior, participation when they come to conduct workshops.

  • Past sponsored students have voluntarily started value addition classes in their own localities. 10 voluntary groups and voluntary library  started in their community

  • 10 Voluntary groups formed by youth beneficiaries of Sponsorship program. Primary activities are conducting SanskarVarga (Value education classes) and running libraries for children (8 to 16 years) from their own communities.

They conduct value addition community centers in which following activities are taken.

  1. To aware them behavioral attitudes and manners.

  2. To motivate them participate all the activities.

  3. To develop their study skills.

  4. To arrange activities with children to encourage their confidence.

  5. To teach healthy food habits, hygiene, nutrition and care of the environment.

  6. To prevent them bad habits.

Working Area:

1. Lohiyanagar

2. Ganj Peth

3. Mangalwar Peth

4. Janwadi

Sneh-Prerana Beneficiaries:

No of Volunteers - 60

Age group of children - 8 To 16 years

No of groups - 20

No of children in per group - 15 To 20

No of children - 350



All activities Co-ordination by Snehdeep.

Need of the Project:

Age group of the 8 To 16 years is formative phase of life. In the sensitive period the surrounding affects the development of individual. The parents are not much literate and are whole day busy to earn the livelihood. Communities are congested and there are many misleading temptation like VDO parlors, Internet, Mobile the spoiled adolescent with bad habits.

The innocent children can easily fall prey, to this, to avoid these needs a guidance centers offering constructive development to incubate good morals. The youth volunteers have indentified this need and started value addition community centers.

No of groups: 20

No of Children: 350

Snehprerana Activities supported by Snehdeep:

  • Co-ordination,  Communication,  Motivation

  • Volunteers Training, Activities Planning and Reporting, Record

  • Awareness community programmes

  • Diwali & Summer vacation workshops, Special Days occasions

  • Monthly meetings, Monthly meeting review and sharing

  • Co-ordination with other NGO’s

  • Financial and Technical support for activities, Career guidance

  • Personality development programme for volunteers

  • Competitions and motivational activities with volunteers

  • Residential camp, Cultural programme, Exposure visit and picnic for volunteers

  • Referral to other govt, non govt sector for financial help for volunteer’s education.

  • Family counseling, Parents awareness programme

These activities are given to volunteers by Snehdeep to conduct the centers effectively with the children and increase volunteer’s participation all the programmes.


Contact Information sample




Monday - Friday 11:00 - 18:30

Saturday 11:00 - 17:00

Sunday 12:30 - 16:30 


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